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The "Founders Dinner" with Chef Chris and Erica Rains

March 01, 2023 06:00 PM

Join the founders for an evening of storytelling and enjoy beautiful gourmet dishes and pairings! This story's one for the books.

Need to Know

The Chef and I is built on a love story, and was founded 15 years ago when Chris and Erica Rains met. They created this company based on his incredible talent as an award winning gourmet chef, and her background in media and marketing. It grew from a private chef service to a well-known hospitality company with restaurants in Nashville and Orlando and a large catering/teambuilding division serving clients across the country. They can't wait to share this story with you; it's one for the books.


Tasting Menu

1. Walu - Unagi - Furikake - Avocado - Chilies - Peruvian Peppers - Virgin Olive Oil 

2. House Bacon - Focaccia - Cambozola - Blackberry - Bourbon 

3. Duck Confit - Yukon Hash - Mushroom - Duck Gravy - Thyme - Aged Cheddar Cheese - Poutine 

4. Shrimp - Gouda Grits - Bacon Tomato Pan Sauce - Parmesan - Lemon zest - Micros 

5. Elk Tenderloin - Red Wine Demi - Fennel - Fingerlings 

6. Salmon - Lobster Coconut Cream - Pearl Onion - Risotto 

7. Drunken Goat - Cauliflower - Honey - Pistachio Pesto - Candied Nuts - Black Sea Salt 

The tasting menu is subject to change based on ingredient availability but will mirror the above menu as close a possible. All allergies need to be communicated ahead of time to determine our course of action for each dish. 

*Tickets are non-refundable but are transferrable*